American Indian Activities Vice Chief- Nill
Afternoon Activities Vice Chief- Elijah Scott 
Events Vice Chief- Clayton Comer

Clayton is an Eagle Scout and Vigil honor member of Takhonek Lodge.

Clayton has served as Lodge Chief of Takhonek, Section C-4B Vice Chief, Section C-4B Chief, Vigil selection chair, and an Induction and Ceremonial Events chair at NOAC. At NOAC he helped to create a new program known as “The Ceremony Exemplar Program” that better recognizes those ceremony teams who are the best of the best.


Inductions and Ceremonial Events Vice Chief- Nathan Snyder

Nathan Snyder is a Eagle Scout and member of Troop 175. He is a Brotherhood  member is the Order of the Arrow, and an Executive Vice Chief for Erielhonan Lodge. He is looking forward to serving conclave with the best ICE performance possible. 

Midway Vice Chief- Stephen Clutter

Stephen Clutter is a Arrowma from Menawngihella lodge 550. He has been involved in scouting since 2008, and involved in the Order of the Arrow since 2016.

He is a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow, a Life Scout, and a recipient of the Good Samaritan award. He has been very active in his lodge and old section C4B. Stephen is working hard to bring a fun and exciting midway to all Arrowmen. 
Shows Vice Chief- Max Chandler
Max is a Eagle Scout ad Vigil honor member of Netawatwees lodge.  
Matt is the current Central Region Area 4 Venturing President, a Founder’s award recipient, and past Section C4B Vice Chief.