Sam Brown- Conclave Coordinator


Harley Hoff- Marketing Coordinator 
Harley Hoff is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member from Marnoc Lodge. Harley has served as lodge ordeal chairmen and NOAC Contingent lead in 2018. Currently, he is serving as the Marnoc Lodge Vice Chief, Section C-4 Marketing Coordinator, Central Region Comm. Team designer, and National Comm. Team photographer.
He looks forward to better serving the Arrowmen of Section C-4 and making Conclave a success!
Cade Buckley- Web Team Coordinator  
Cade Buckley is an Eagle Scout from Troop 71 in Athens, Ohio. He is also a Vigil Honor member from Tecumseh Lodge.
Cade has served as Chapter Chief, and Lodge Chief for Nendawen Lodge. This is his first section office and he plans on providing the best website possible for the new Section!
Jameson Payne- Communications Coordinator
 Jonathan Golden- Lodge Assistance Coordinator
 Josh Reddick- OAHA coordinator
Josh is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member of Sippo Lodge.
Josh says High adventure is the most important thing to him and he hopes to use his knowledge skill and passion to bring high adventure to C4’s conclave!